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Avoiding email marketing? Here’s what it’s costing you

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As a solo business owner, it’s easy to get drawn into social media and neglect the good old email. But let me tell you, it’s a mistake to overlook this powerful tool, especially for solo entrepreneurs like you.

And I’m here to convince you why in this blog post! I’ll explore the risks of ignoring email marketing and shine a light on what you could be missing.

The Importance of Email Marketing for Solo Business Owners

First, let’s talk about why email marketing is so mighty. It gives you a one-on-one connection with your customers, right to their inbox. You can personalise content, giving your business a unique edge and boosting sales. Plus, compared to other marketing ways, email marketing is really affordable. Lastly, you get a great return on your investment. In fact, it’s around £36 for every £1 spent. You can’t argue with those numbers!

What You Lose Without Email Marketing

No Direct Chat with Customers

Without emails, you miss out on having a real conversation. Emails let you share a personal touch, building connections that other platforms just can’t manage.

Lost Chances to Sell

Missed cart reminders, special product tips, time-limited deals – all these helpful nudges are gone without email marketing. These little reminders often lead to unexpected sales! One of my clients told me that she always gets sales when she sends out an email.

Forgetting to Keep Customers

Without follow-ups or re-engagement plans, you’re losing part of your audience and sales. It’s like letting them slip through your fingers. Remember, finding new customers can be 5-7 times more expensive than getting repeat business from existing customers.

Blind to Customer Behaviour

My favourite bit is this. Emails come with loads of helpful stats. By skipping email marketing, you’re missing out on understanding what your audience really likes. The ready-made reports will tell you which bits of your content are hitting the mark. Connect your email marketing tool with your eCommerce platform and you’ll know exactly who bought something from every email you send!

Slow Growth and Getting Your Name Out There

Without email marketing, spreading the word about your brand is tough. Most social posts don’t go far (1%-2% of your followers), but emails? They reach over 90% of folks.

Not Keeping Customers in the Loop

Using only other channels to share news is risky. Email marketing is solid, making sure your audience knows what’s happening. Don’t just rely on social media. Both can work together.

Missing Out on Making Customers Feel Special

Emails have a way of making people feel good. Lose that, and you lose the chance to offer what your customer wants, like a friendly birthday message!

Building your own database

This one is so important. When you set up your social media pages, you put in a lot of work to get followers. But you don’t own any of their data. The social network does. Email marketing helps you to build your own database and collect those emails that help you do all of the things I talked about above. When you own your customers’ data, you’re in control.

Real-life Stories

I’ve seen solo business owners like you grow using email marketing. It says loads about how brilliant it is.

Take Yasmin, who runs a hair salon in my town (in fact, that’s where I get my hair done!) Before she started her own newsletter, she only had a presence on Facebook. She relied on posting there. She had subscribed to some newsletters herself, but she never thought it would be useful for her own business.

In fact, she resisted my advice to create one for a while. She thought it would take her ages to pull together the content every month and she didn’t think she had enough interesting things to talk about.

I finally convinced her to try it. And boy, did she change her mind! She realised that a newsletter helps her to keep in touch with customers who don’t use social media but do use email. She wanted to keep them up to date too.

And her customers love hearing from her every month. Each time she sends her email, she will get replies on the content that’s been included. She uses this feedback to improve the service the salon provides.

Coming up with content was also easier than she thought.

“There is always something seasonal going on: a new product launch, team news, offers, promotions, tips. The list is endless. In fact, sometimes, I have to stop myself from putting too much in the email!”

When I asked Yasmin what advice she’d give you (yes, you), here’s what she said.

“Do it. Do it. I wish I had done it sooner. It’s a way of keeping in contact with your customers. You’re updating them on what you are doing but without the pressure of being too ‘in your face.’ With an email, people can read it in their own time. It also acts as a reminder that you are around, present and current.”

Now, that you’ve heard from Yasmin, let’s move on to some myth-busting.

Busting Common Myths

Let’s clear up some daft ideas:

  • “People don’t check email.” They do, loads of times a day. (You checked your email at least once today, didn’t you?)
  • “Social media is enough.” Nope, email offers something personal and unmatched. Remember that important point – the social networks own your followers’ data. You need to change that.
  • “Email marketing is tricky and long-winded.” Honestly, it’s once you get the hang of it (more on that below), it’s a doddle.

Getting Started with Email Marketing

Fancy giving email marketing a go? Here are some simple tips:

  • Build a real email list. No cheating by buying lists.
  • Group your audience for content that hits the mark.
  • Find the right email service for you.
  • Have a plan, Stan!
  • Regularly check and tweak based on what the numbers say. Here’s why.

Email marketing, in my humble opinion, is key for solo business owners. Ignore it, and you’re passing up chances to grow, sell, and connect with your customers.

Ready to dive into email marketing?

Learning new stuff can be a headache, but if you want to get the hang of email marketing, I’ve got just the thing. Head over to my Small Business Email Marketing course today. Grab the know-how and tools to really boost your solo business’s growth. It’s just like having a mini-me on your desk!

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