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Minal meets… Lisa Butterworth, owner Colour Box Marketing

Why website visitors matter

Why website visitors matter and what you can do to get them to take action

Your website visitors matter. Let’s make sure they take action You slaved over your marketing plan, carefully crafting every word, graphic and customer-facing marketing material. Finally, finally, they’ve arrived at your website. What (and where) next? Don’t underestimate how critical a tool your website is. It’s where ‘do or die’ happens – where your potential […]

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Increase email open rates

8 ways you can increase your email open rates

If you’re reading this and thinking is email marketing still relevant in a GDPR world, then the answer is yes! In fact, research from the DMA suggests that consumers still prefer email as a marketing channel above any other. In a survey of 2,016 consumers, 73% of respondents stated that email is their preferred marketing channel […]

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