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Converting leads with WhatsApp Automation

Converting leads using WhatsApp automation

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Do you follow up on every lead you generate? If the answer is no, then you’re missing out on business.

One great way to convert more leads is WhatsApp automation. Really, I didn’t know that was a thing until I met Chris Dillion at a local expo. What he showed me at his stand blew my mind.

Catch up on what we discussed, or head to the show notes below. And when you’ve done that, book a Discovery Call with Chris to see how WhatsApp automation could work for you.

Show Notes


In this episode of Marketing Mix, Minal introduces her guest, Chris, whom she met at a trade show in Twickenham. Their meeting opened Minal’s eyes to the remarkable world of WhatsApp automation.

About Chris

A seasoned marketer with 15 years in the industry, Chris initially specialised in organic and paid leads generation. However, when clients expressed concerns about leads being unresponsive, Chris pivoted towards automation. He explored email automation before diving deep into the potential of WhatsApp’s API.

The Power of WhatsApp Automation

WhatsApp automation is akin to email automation, triggered by user actions or set events like form completions. Not just texts, it allows businesses to send multimedia content like videos, PDFs, and images. Chris demonstrated this at the trade show using a chatbot. Businesses can segment leads through user interactions, allowing for targeted engagement. He emphasised the efficiency of WhatsApp, noting an impressive 93-94% read rate, and about 40% of people scheduling a meeting within 15 minutes of inquiry.

WhatsApp vs. Email

With the average email open rate lingering around 20%, WhatsApp messages boast an astonishing 80% open rate within just 10 minutes. This makes it a compelling tool for marketers.

All is not lost though! You can improve your email open rate. Read this post to find out how.

Delving into the Technical Side

Chris explained the three tiers of WhatsApp – personal, business, and API. To use the API, businesses need a verified Meta Business Manager. The API also undergoes rigorous checks by Meta to curb spam, ensuring the system’s integrity. While many businesses might have Meta’s Business Suite, the Business Manager is a distinct and more powerful tool. Only verified businesses can access WhatsApp’s API, ensuring a quality check.

Crafting Business Transactions on Messaging Platforms

Minal probes into the scenarios when businesses might turn to platforms like WhatsApp. Chris believes B2B transactions carry high emotional stakes due to the larger repercussions. WhatsApp plays a pivotal role in various stages:

  • Sales Enquiry: Guides potential leads and minimises drop-offs.
  • Post-meeting: Ensures higher attendance for scheduled calls with timely reminders.
  • Post-proposal: Automates follow-ups based on user engagement triggers.

Effective use of such platforms requires a thorough understanding of the existing sales journey. Instant responses and setting clear expectations can exponentially enhance sales.

Sales Approach – A Shift in Paradigm

Minal and Chris discuss the evolving landscape of sales. Minal commends the benefits of a more nuanced, service-oriented approach, while Chris likens it to an in-store experience. Rather than being pushy, it’s about waiting for the opportune moment to offer help.

WhatsApp’s Edge over Traditional Communication

The conversationality of WhatsApp and similar platforms fosters an organic customer interaction. Coupled with impeccable service, businesses can experience surges in sales and valuable referrals.

Automation Techniques and Benefits

Chris illustrates the adaptability of WhatsApp automation, such as integrating a QR code on a business card that prompts an automated message. Such innovations save precious time, especially beneficial for solo entrepreneurs. He also champions consistent follow-ups to nurture leads and the importance of understanding and valuing the customer’s journey.


In wrapping up, Minal lauds the untapped potential of WhatsApp in today’s marketing world. Chris leaves listeners with golden advice: persevere in follow-ups and always prioritise the customer’s journey.

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