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Email Newsletter Topics

Marketing by Minal Email Newsletter Topics

How often do you struggle to think of email newsletter topics? How often does that mean you don’t send a newsletter? When that happens all the time, you’re leaving money on the table. Money that could make your business profitable.

That’s where I come in. I will send you 12 months of email newsletter topics to help you get consistent with your email marketing and get sales.

  • I’ll do the research for you. The topics will be bespoke to your industry.
  • I’ll provide three topics per month that you can mix and match as you like.
  • Bonus: you can use the topics I send you to write longer blog posts.
  • Double bonus: you can reuse the topics I send you as social media posts

Who is this for?

Small business owners who find it a struggle to consistently send email newsletters. You don’t do this because you never have time to think about what to actually write about.

Why you need this now!

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to communicate with your existing and potential customers. But more than that, when you use email marketing, you own the data. That means you can communicate with your target audience on your terms. You aren’t fighting algorithms to be seen. Whilst around 2% of your social media followers will see your posts, email marketing has over a 90% deliverability rate. Your message gets through more consistently.

What are they saying?

I’m very new to email marketing; in the process of getting it all set up. I’d had marketing coaching with Minal so that I could get a strategy outlined.

When Minal announced this new service I knew it was a no-brainer. I’ve got 12 months’ worth of ideas that I can use for email marketing, and I can turn these ideas into blog posts and social media content too.

This has saved me a lot of time and given me the opportunity to focus on client work at the same time as getting email marketing plans in place.

Bhavini Lakhani, B81 Designs

What does it cost?

The total cost is £60 including VAT. Think about how much time that £60 will save you and what you could do instead to bring in more business.