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How to win big this Small Business Saturday

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The best day of the year for small businesses is nearly here. What am I talking about? Small Business Saturday, of course!

You’ll hear me talking about this day a lot. Why?

Here’s the thing…

I firmly believe that it’s a great launchpad for a brilliant December for all small business owners. So much goodwill around small businesses is shared on the day. It’s a big, fat reminder for the UK that we exist, and they should support us.

Why am I telling you this? Because it’s relevant for you. Yes, you! And this post is going to tell you why and what you need to do to get in on the action.

What is Small Business Saturday?

Well, it’s a grassroots campaign that celebrates small business success and encourages consumers to ‘shop local’ and to support local businesses in their community.

Let’s dispel one myth right now. It’s not exclusively for shops on the high street. No! It’s for all small businesses. That’s web designers, social media consultants, accountants, as well as cafes, hairdressers, plumbers, and any other type of small business you can think of.

It’s for you!

It takes place on the first Saturday of every December. But it’s not just about one day. Take a look at what’s happening in the lead-up to Small Business Saturday. There’s a nationwide tour (The Tour) and there are loads of workshops, as well as an opportunity for you to be interviewed on the Small Business Saturday Facebook Page!

You know what?

It’s a huge deal and you should make a huge deal of it.

Why should you care?

So many reasons. So many! Here’s my take on it.

Small business is big news

There’s so much coverage of small businesses and that will be even bigger as we get closer to Small Business Saturday. And what better day to shout about your business? Seriously, you need to be all over this. This brings me neatly to my next reason.

There’s a big social push

I know the team behind Small Business Saturday’s social media. And let me tell you – it’s always trended at number 1 the whole day. They work their socks off promoting all the things small businesses are doing to celebrate the day. Just remember to include #SmallBizSatUK in your social posts. They will do the rest!

Big businesses get behind it

Are you thinking: So what? OK, well, they have massive social media followings too. Imagine having a share of that. I did in 2016 when I wrote a blog post for Dropbox. Yep, Dropbox! Big businesses want to show their support for us, and they do it in lots of ways that can make a huge impact for your small business.

Imagine your business in the press or on TV

I’m not even joking. In 2019, I was interviewed for local TV. And in that same year, my photo appeared in The Telegraph. I was talking to Phillip Hammond! Seriously, that could be you. You just have to decide how you’re going to get involved.

Phillip Hammond, Small Business Saturday
Yep, that’s me talking to the, then, Chancellor of the Exchequer!

It helps kick-start your Christmas sales

OK, I left the best for last. And it doesn’t matter whether you sell to consumers or other businesses. I know plenty of small business owners (ahem!) who have business-related presents on their Christmas lists. Given people are already thinking about Christmas shopping on Small Business Saturday (it being December and all), use this as your launchpad to hitting your December sales targets.

What should you do now?

I’ve convinced you, haven’t I? I know. You’ve read this far!

Here’s my simple piece of advice on what next. Get involved! What do you have to lose?

Now is the time to decide if you will or not. Let’s face it, Small Business Saturday isn’t that far off. If you’re going to make the most of it, you need to make some decisions on how. Here are a few suggestions.

Create an event

Nothing too complicated. Have a shop? Why not host an open day? Get some nibbles, maybe some drinks and show off your products. It won’t take too much organising.

If you sell to other businesses, how about a webinar? Maybe one you’ve done before that was well attended. That way, you don’t have to worry about content, just promoting it.

Put together an offer

Everyone loves a good deal. It doesn’t have to be money off either. Maybe offer free gift-wrapping or delivery over a certain spend. Maybe it’s an offer of some consultancy with you, say 30 minutes.

Last year, an estimated £1.1 billion was spent with small businesses on Small Business Saturday. Take that in.

Imagine having a share of that! Whatever you decide to do, make it something you know existing customers and potential customers alike will love… more on that further down!

Support other small businesses

The small business world is so supportive. It’s one of the things I love most about being a small business owner. If you’re not sure about an event or offer, how about lending your support to other local businesses? Share their social media posts, shout about them, and feature them in your newsletter. It’s such a heartwarming feeling knowing others are on your side.

Buy from small, local businesses

I do this every year. I go out and buy from other small businesses on Small Business Saturday. It’s a brilliant way to help your local economy. If we don’t use them, we lose them.

So, get a takeaway on that Saturday evening (without using one of those dreaded apps), buy a Christmas tree from your local flower stall, and book those mentoring sessions you’ve been meaning to book 😉

It’s the biggest feel-good day of the year for me. I’m always excited in the run-up to Small Business Saturday and it never disappoints.

Ready to make your mark?

I said I’d tell you more about offers. They are a great way to get new and repeat business. And you have time to put one together for your business.

If you’re not sure where to start, create an irresistible offer with my new eBook. At only £9.99, it’s the recipe you need for a stellar Small Business Saturday offer.

Here’s the BIG plus. You can use the process at any time of the year. Buy once and use again, and again! Get your copy today.

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