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Small Business Saturday

How to keep customers coming back after Small Business Saturday

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You planned your offer, you promoted it, and when Small Business Saturday is over, you’re probably going to be thinking “what now?” Well, your work on your offer isn’t over just yet; there’s a bit more to be done! Now’s the time to consolidate all your hard work and make sure all those new customers you got keep coming back.

The next step in your Small Business Saturday campaign is to turn your new customers into loyal ones who will buy from you again and again. But you need to give them a reason to. I’m going to take you through the two things you need to do to make sure that happens.

A simple thank you goes a long way

Remember when we talked about promoting your offer? One of the things I recommended you do was create a ‘thank you’ email to send to everyone who took up your offer. Well, now’s the time to get that out to everyone who came into your business or onto your website and bought something. We all love getting thank you notes, so why not send one to these customers?

Whilst you’re thanking your customers, how about giving them something to encourage them to buy from you again? It doesn’t have to be a discount. Here are some ideas:

  • A small gift with purchase.
  • Priority access to an event.
  • A free ‘how to’ guide.
  • A free telephone consultation
  • Invitation to a customer-only preview evening.
  • Access to a members-only part of your website.
  • Free delivery for orders over a certain amount.

As with setting your objectives for your original offer, try to think about what your customers would love to get. If you researched this with existing customers, put that knowledge to good use now. What they told you is invaluable in finding the right bonus offer to put in your ‘thank you’ email.

Read their minds

Impossible, I know! What’s the next best thing to reading your customers’ minds? Asking them. Now you have added to your customer base, it’s time to understand why they bought from you. People value being asked about what they think, and your customers are no different. So, work out the questions you want them to answer. Remember to make the questions about them – what they like hearing about in your newsletters, how often they want to hear from you, what would they like to buy from you?

All the responses you get will help you develop your business, whether it’s how you communicate with your customers, or how you develop your products and services. What you do because of the survey responses will impact your business positively, and because it’s what your customers have asked for, they’ll buy from you more, open your newsletters more often, and, most importantly, recommend your business.

If you’re thinking it might not work, I did just this for one of my clients. They were sending two emails a week to their entire list. I put together a survey which asked for their feedback on the frequency of the emails and the content. The majority wanted one email a week with promotions being the most asked for content. The next email went out with what they had asked. I also split their list up to make the emails more personalised for the recipients. The amount people spent in the first month after these changes increased by £7,000!

By doing these two things, you’ll build on the success of your Small Business Saturday offer. It will help you develop strong relationships with your new customers, as well as understand their motivations for buying from you. In turn, your business will become stronger and more successful.

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