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Your marketing needs a complete workout and here’s why!

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It’s a pretty big claim, but your marketing does need a workout. The health of your business is at stake! If you think of marketing as a long-distance runner, you’ll know that it needs stamina to get your business to where you want it to go.

But it’s very easy to let your marketing get lazy and unfit. We’re all so busy, and often it can be hard to find the time to spend on keeping your marketing lean. But what’s making your marketing unfit?

Read on the find out what I think. If any sound familiar, you’ll know it’s time to start working on your marketing’s fitness programme. And, if you read right to the end, I have just the solution for you!

Its fitness plan has gone out the window

If you’ve ever had a personal trainer, you know that you get a plan tailored for you to improve your fitness and help you achieve your goals.

Now think of yourself as your business’s marketing personal trainer. You’re the person who needs to devise the fitness plan for your marketing. In case you’re wondering, that’s your marketing plan!

Without a plan and quantifiable goals, you’ll never know whether your marketing is working or not. Without this fitness plan, your marketing may as well stay in bed, rather than training to get your business the fittest it’s ever been!

It’s run out of steam

I tell business owners all the time that marketing isn’t a tap that you turn on every time you need new business leads. It’s something that needs consistency.

Your marketing runs out of steam when you’re not consistent. Remember when you started going to the gym? Those results didn’t come along after the first, second or third visit. You had to be consistent in your visits to the gym, or whatever form of exercise.

You saw results because of that consistency. It’s the same with marketing your business. You have to make a commitment to marketing and work to produce content, campaigns, and activities that produce results.

But, you need that fitness plan to be able to do it!

It’s not pulling its weight

Is your marketing in charge, or are you? If you feel like all your time is taken up with marketing your business, then it’s just not pulling its weight.

Equally, if you spend a lot of your time hiding from getting your marketing done, it won’t produce the results you need to grow your business.

Yes, it takes time, but if you have the right systems and processes in place, that time is well spent, and you’ll discover a lot of things you can just set and forget!

It’s running to catch up

Marketing is evolving all the time. Since the introduction of the web and social media, it’s moving at a pace that can seem hard to keep up with.

But keep up you must, because unless you try new techniques, you’ll never know what will produce results for your business.

Keeping up to date with the latest marketing techniques means you’ll often get to try tools for free, or at a very low cost, meaning less of an outlay for you.

It also means that you’re giving your business the very best chance of succeeding.

It’s got a bit flabby

Something that I see often with small business owners is the magpie syndrome. They are the opposite of those whose businesses are running to try to catch up.

They look at all the new marketing developments and then use them all without a thought of how they will work together.

It’s pretty much like throwing that kitchen sink at their marketing. They try it all and before they know it, there’s just too much going on and the owner and the business can’t cope.

It’s gorging on all the tactics

Sometimes, we all have off days where we eat everything that’s bad for us. But we soon get back on track to a healthier and more balanced diet.

When it comes to marketing your business, you really need to fill up on strategy, so you don’t end up gorging on tactics.

Look, what I’m trying to say is that without a strategy, you’ll waste time and money on tactics that won’t produce results. That’s going to get pretty frustrating quickly and you’ll wonder whether you’ll ever crack this marketing nut.

It needs a better diet

Talking of diets, once you’ve got your strategy, you’ll realise that you have a better marketing mix. Think of the strategy as the meal plan. Now think of the marketing mix as the different types of food you can eat to achieve that healthier diet.

Most business owners I know put all their efforts into social media. Their diet consists solely of social media. If you mix that up, add more marketing tactics to your mix, then you achieve a better marketing diet.

It’s got lazy

When was the last time you could really say that your marketing brought you results? Not sure? Well, that’s because your marketing has got lazy. You need to put it through its paces.

That’s right, you’re relying on a system that hasn’t had a workout in ages. For marketing to produce results, you need to track and measure everything, so you can keep it lean and fit.

Think of the last time you sat down and looked at any metrics. If you can’t remember when that was, then start now. Knowing what is and isn’t working keeps your marketing fit and producing results.

As with the rest of your business, you need to keep working on your marketing. I know that it’s tough for small business owners. We’re our everything and it all takes time.

But making sure your marketing is fit will pay dividends for your business. It’s something you need to monitor and work at to reap the rewards. But, I promise you, it’ll be worth it!

If you’re struggling to get your marketing into shape, why not take me on as your marketing coach? Take a look at my three packages. There is one for you!

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