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The secret to maximising video marketing for your small business

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Are you maximising video marketing for your small business? If you’re thinking videos take too much time to create and then they don’t have the impact you need, there’s something you need to know.

Here’s the thing: there’s a secret. You need to share videos in the right places. And I’m not just talking about social media, although that’s one of the biggest places you should be using videos. Read on to find out where I think you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck. And remember, once you created your videos, work out how you can use them more than once!

Social media

This is the most obvious place to share videos you’ve created. Check out your newsfeeds. You’ll see brands you follow sharing videos. The big thing here is that it seems that all the major social networks are prioritising video. That means your content gets seen more often. So, here are my top picks to share on social media.

Facebook: live streaming is where it’s at. Connect with your Facebook audience by hosting a Facebook Live session.

What should you be talking about? Anything from hints & tips and how-tos to product launches and exciting company news to giving your opinions on news items from your industry. They don’t have to be long; try 10 minutes.

Twitter: short videos or Gifs work well on Twitter. It’s a crowded platform where updates move at a pace. So, you’ll need something that grabs attention.

What should you be talking about? It’s a great place to signpost people to blog posts you’ve written. Or how about a promotion or product overview?

LinkedIn: for me, this one’s becoming tricky as I feel the posts on LinkedIn are shifting. My advice would be to keep things professional with short videos.

What should you be talking about? Company news, such as award wins, and customer feedback, together with educational content.

Instagram: Instagram for me seems to be the place to share beautiful images. But that doesn’t mean videos don’t work. For me (and I have to do more of this) Instagram Stories is where it’s at. Quick, bite-sized updates which give your followers a taster.

What should you be talking about? Well, given their nature, almost anything (but keep it relevant to your business!) What’s more, because you can only post Stories from within the Instagram app, you can do more on the move.

Pinterest: again, this network seems to lean more towards images, but videos are making an in-road. If you don’t believe me, search for Proper Tasty.

What should you be talking about? I think Pinterest is perfect for posting ‘unboxing videos’. People get to see how they will receive your product and the bonus is a link directly to it to buy.

YouTube: I bet you were wondering when I’d get to this! YouTube remains a great search engine, so is an additional place for your business to be found.

What should you be talking about? For me, YouTube is the perfect place for showing people how to do something. It could be as simple as how to book an appointment with you or a longer video with tips on how to use a product. You’re limited by your imagination!

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Email campaigns

This had to be in here, didn’t it? You could potentially increase click rates by 60% by including a video in your emails (SproutVideo). That’s an incredible jump. Work out what your click rate normally is (if you’re using an email service provider, then your reports are the place to look.) Now work out what a 60% increase in clicks would result in.

What should you be talking about? Think about the content you normally put in your emails and then work out a way to turn that into videos. Turn the static into movement!

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This is another place where video can make a BIG difference. Here are my ideas on where you can use videos on your website.

Blog posts: think about how you can include a video in the blog posts you publish to make them more engaging.

What should you be talking about? Your video should fit into the overall topic, so personally, I would write the post (or maybe you can use an existing one) and then work out one small thing you’d like to go into more detail about.

About page: potential customers are going to check out what you’re all about. So, why not record a video for your About page to show people what you’re like?

What should you be talking about? Talk about the problems your audience faces and how you can help solve them. It doesn’t hurt to add a bit of personality, so maybe add a bit about yourself too.

Services page: an explainer video is great to show people how you’re able to help them. It’s a visual representation of the services you offer.

What should you be talking about? Kinda obvious, but the services you offer! Remember to focus on the benefits of using them so people know what they’ll get.

Case study/testimonials page: this is a great resource to have on your website. It shows potential customers how you’ve helped other people just like them.

What should you be talking about? Nothing! Let your customers do the talking. Ask your best customers to be involved and get them to say the things they’ve written about you.

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If you organise events for your business, then videos are a great addition to the day. Here are a couple of ideas.

Opener video: use this to get attendees’ attention. If your event starts with registration and networking, it may take time to get everyone’s attention to tell them to take their seats. A video is a great way to do this.

What should you be talking about? As it’s an attention grabber, you may not want to talk at all! Use some catchy music overlaid on visuals about what’s coming up in the day.

Introduce speakers: if you’ve ever watched The X-Factor, you’ll recall the videos used to introduce big stars appearing on the show. Why not use this as a way to introduce your speakers? It will certainly make them, and your event, more memorable.

What should you be talking about? This is easy. Your speakers’ achievements should be front and centre.

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My biggest tip with videos that you produce is to work out multiple places where you can use them. You’ve spent time and effort (money even) creating them, so why not work out where they can be used more than once?

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