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Marketing challenges experienced by Gabriella Davidovics

Minal meets Gabriella Davidovics, therapyforlondoners

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Gabriella Davidovics, marketing challenges, therapy business, London Therapy business

Side hustle. Lifestyle business. Part-time entrepreneur. There’s been a steady rise in the number of businesses started by people who are tired of the regular 9-6.

When Gabriella hurt her leg, a therapy session to help her manage her pain put her on the path to her own business.

therapyforlondoners was born. Running it part-time initially, Gabriella is now a full-time small business owner. Her business has gone from strength to strength.

In this interview, she explains the marketing challenges she faced and the lessons she’s learned.

Business background

Minal: Tell me a bit about your business. What do you specialise in?

Gabriella: I am a therapist. In my approach, I combine the methods of modern psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy, solution-focused approach, mindfulness, and energy healing techniques.

​I truly believe that there is more than one way to help a person. With my combined approach, we can look at the same issue from different angles to find the best suitable way out.

Minal: When and why did you start your business?

Gabriella: I used to work in the corporate sector managing events and working long hours. I had an accident at work in 2017 and was not able to stand. The therapist put back my dislocated bone and used Reiki for the pain. The next day I was as good as new.

I have learned what a wonder the human body is. It can rid itself of pain, and toxins, create a balance and get rid of stress, hay fever, and other allergies. It can also help to resolve traumas (on occasions buried for long times and never resolved) which might prevent people from moving on with their lives. I wanted to learn this skill and more techniques. My hunger for knowledge has not stopped since (Healing techniques, Clairvoyance, Mindfulness, Solution-Focused Psychotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP.)

During this journey with the help of my mentors, I got rid of my anxiety, traumas, and IBS, built my confidence level up, and changed my life completely. Found my inner peace and decided that I will help others to find theirs.

Marketing challenges and successes

Minal: What was your biggest challenge when you launched your business?

Gabriella: I wanted everything to be perfect as I am a perfectionist and a big overthinker (like most people with anxiety). A perfect website, perfect posts, no grammar mistakes, and perfect photos. I realised that there is no need to be perfect and my bubbly personality is my biggest asset.

I was also afraid of possible financial difficulties, and what would happen if I left my office job, so first I moved to part-time to build my business on the side in 2018. I was building it step by step then the pandemic hit, and our world completely changed.

I am a person who loves socialising, going to workshops, and theatre, and I ended up being at home all day. I had to face another fear of mine, talking in front of a camera, getting clients online, and creating videos. I am still learning but getting more natural now. I now work 80% online.

Minal: What have you done to promote your business?

Gabriella: I have tried lots of different things, some with more success than others.

  • Created a website on my own: re-done it a minimum of 5 times
  • Social media
  • Nextdoor  app – offer to neighbours
  • Learned more about hashtags
  • Flyers
  • Paid Facebook ads
  • Google ads
  • Google my Business
  • Attended exhibitions and socialised
  • Attended workshops and talked about my business as well during breaks
  • Joined Enterprise Nation
  • Interview for an Online Hungarian Radio – it was an amazing interview and a confidence booster
  • Monthly Blog: mental health-related topics
  • Joined therapy directories
  • Did free relaxation for a fitness group
  • Offered voucher as a raffle prize
  • Attended so many marketing workshops, webinars
  • Still learning from marketing experts and buying courses

Minal: Which marketing activity has had the biggest impact on your business?

Gabriella: I would say the following:

  • Google ads
  • Therapy directories
  • Talking to people face-to-face

Minal: How much time do you spend on marketing?

Gabriella: Sometimes I feel I am 90% marketing/salesperson and 10% therapist. It varies but I spend a minimum of 15-20 hours per week on marketing including responding to enquiries.

Minal: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about marketing your business?

Gabriella: Less is more. Focus on one task at a time. Make sure to have breaks. Do not compare your progress to others, rather see where you were 2 years ago, 1 year ago 3 months ago and so on.

Minal: What’s your favourite social network and why?

Gabriella: Since I changed my social media strategy, I think it is Instagram as it feels lighter and more fun. People can post beautiful pictures of nature, cities, and food.

Minal: What’s the best marketing advice you’ve received?

Gabriella: You have no competitor as there is only one you!

Minal: What are your top 3 marketing tips to share with other small business owners?

Gabriella: When you feel fed up with what you are doing and feel that the business is not going anywhere remind yourself why you started your business.

Honesty – feel free to tell your story in your own words, be vulnerable.

Less is more. Instead of creating a to-do list with 50 tasks create one with a few and you will feel so satisfied when you are crossing them.

And a bonus one – self–care. Make sure you reward yourself and take care of your body and mind to avoid burnout

Share your story

I’m always on the lookout for small business owners to interview. If you’d like to be featured in my Minal meets series, let me know.

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