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Online learning

Why online learning is good for your small business

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How often have you thought there’s not enough time to learn everything you need to know to run your business? Well, there’s an answer for that. Online learning! There are so many good reasons why it’s a great way for you to keep up to date with your learning.

What’s more, learning online isn’t just limited to webinars. No! Think about all the other formats you could be learning from:

  • Facebook Lives
  • YouTube videos
  • Online summits
  • Membership communities

The list goes on, but they all have one thing in common. Read on to find out what!

Online learning lets you learn in bitesize chunks

Show me a business owner who isn’t strapped for time and I’ll show you at least 10 who are! We don’t have time to spare on everyday tasks, let alone take time out for learning.

But, if you don’t continue to learn new things, your business will stand still. It’s as simple as that. Or, as Einstein is credited with saying:

The definition of madness is doing the same things and expecting different results.

So, we’ve established you need to keep on learning. Well, online learning allows you to take things in smaller chunks. That means you have time to digest and implement.

You can wear your PJs if you like!

I’m being a bit flippant here. But think about it. The last time you booked to go to a training course, even if only for a couple of hours, how much prep time do you need?

Learning online means no one cares what you look like. That means you have time to get some things done before you sit down to learn.

Whatever they may be, getting the kids to school, doing your invoicing or making sure you schedule your social media, you’re not trying to squeeze it all in to get to that event.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, I have attended webinars in my PJs!

Online learning means no travel time

I think by this point, you’ve probably got the message that learning online means you save time. I have nothing against in-person events. In fact, I organise and go to many.

But, when you have to travel somewhere, you have to factor in the travel time as part of the time you’ll spend out of your business. You have to plan for it and make sure you have enough time to get what you need done.

Signing up for, say a webinar, like this one, means there is no travel time. You can join from the comfort of your laptop five minutes ahead of time.

And, hey, if you’re in your PJs, I won’t judge you!

Learn in your own time

If you signed up for an online course, that means you can learn at a time that suits you. There are certain exceptions. For example, webinars do happen at a specific time. However, the organiser will more than likely send you a replay, if you sign up.

Other types of online learning, like e-courses, are great for working through at a time that suits you. That means that you could be learning in the evenings or at weekends.

I know that doesn’t sound too great, but for me, those are the times I have the headspace to take in what I’m supposed to be learning.

We small business owners never seem to switch off.

Learn at your own pace

Again, we come to all those balls you’re juggling and trying to keep in the air. Learning is just one of them. Keeping your knowledge refreshed is important to keep your business moving forward

But, as I’ve already mentioned, finding the time is incredibly difficult. Online learning lets you learn at your own pace. So, if you only have an hour a week to dedicate to it, that’s perfect. That’s all you have to fit in.

The beauty of it is you can fit learning in whenever you have time. My tip would be to book some time with yourself to specifically spend on learning a new thing. You may have something in mind or have seen something online. Put aside time to go through it and learn something that will benefit your business.

Online learning is for all budgets

Another thing I’m sure you’re familiar with is finding the funds to learn. Yes, there are free things out there. But shall I let you into a secret?

Free resources only tell you so much. They will give you an overview and tell you what you should do and why. What you’re after is the how. And when you pay for courses, you’re taught the how.

Online learning lets you find out how to do things in a much more cost-effective way. Think about it. If you want to book a half day’s training at a physical location, your fee is going to be paying for more than the trainer’s time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s not worth it. I sign up for in-person training when I know I’m going to get lots of value from the course. There are definite upsides to in-person training, such as the time you spend, having the expertise of the trainer in person, and the people you meet.

In fact, I would say that you should supplement your in-person learning with online learning.

Access information you need easily

Sometimes, you need to know something, and you need to know it quickly. Online learning opens up easy access to the information you need.

There are so many places you can go online to find out more about topics you want to learn about. For example, did you know that YouTube is the second biggest search engine? It’s used by people to find out how to do simple things.

I know I said you really need to pay for training in how to do something, but YouTube does provide short insights into how to get things done – even for your business.

Start actioning your learning straight away

Unless I’m at a practical workshop, where I’m actually doing some work, I often find myself coming away from in-person training with good intentions of using what I’ve learned.

But mostly, it all sits in my notebook, until I remember that I went on that training course. Then I dig out my notes. Online learning gives you the opportunity to action something straightaway.

Imagine being sat in front of your laptop and getting an amazing tip, pausing the video and implementing it right there and then!

So, as you can see, there are quite a few benefits to online learning. I’m sure you can think of more. I’d love to know if you do.

And do you know what? I’ve got just the online course for you. My Small Business Email Marketing course is built for busy, solo business owners like you. Yes, you! It’s available right now, and you can definitely complete it in your PJs!

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