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Crack your email marketing with my personalised coaching packages!

How many times have you meant to send that email newsletter and it never happened?

What about when you did send it and there was tumbleweed?

What if I told you that you can send hugely successful emails that bring you business?

You see, I believe email marketing is much like cooking. All you need is a recipe, a few basic ingredients, the right tools, and some practice.

I’m here to help you figure it all out so you can coax out that email marketer and cook up your own success!

Now, if you’re anything like me, you don’t like those long pages that have lots of writing on them before you get to what’s on offer and how much you have to pay for it!

So, I’m not going to mess around with what everyone tells me is “marketing best practice!” Take a look at the options below and then get in touch to book what works for you.

I don’t have a cookie-cutter format. All sessions are driven by your agenda. You tell me what you want to know, and I’ll make sure you leave with answers!

A Bite

This package gets you 3 hours of coaching. You decide if that’s over 3 weeks or 3 months.

£450 + VAT (£540 total)

Pay in advance in full or 2 instalments.

A Slice

This package gets you 6 hours of coaching. You decide if that’s over 3 or 6 months.

£700 + VAT (£840 total)

Pay in advance in full or via an instalment plan.

The Whole Pie

This package gets you 12 hours of coaching. You decide if that’s over 6 or 12 months.

£1350 + VAT (£1620 total)

Pay in advance in full or via an instalment plan.

Want to save yourself some money? It’s more cost-effective to have A Slice (£140 per hour) and even more cost-effective to have The Whole Pie (£135 per hour). Plus think how good you’ll feel when you get your first customer! And bonus… this type of pie has no calories!

Are you ready to get started?

Great! Book some time with me and I’ll share the next steps to get you booked in. I’m really looking forward to helping you find that inner marketer!

Not sure what you need?

Why not book 30 minutes with me to discuss your priorities? You can tell me your challenge and we can agree on which of the three plans is best for you.

Still not sure this is for you?

Does this sound familiar?

“Email marketing doesn’t work for me.”

“I can’t seem to get the results I want.”

“I just don’t know where to start with email marketing.”

“I never have time to do my newsletters.”

These are statements I’ve heard from all my clients. Sometimes, all you need is a listening ear and someone who can show you how. That’s where I come in.

I have been a marketer for over 20 years, working for small and large companies. I can help you understand how to take big business marketing strategies and make them work for you – with the resources you have.

Need more convincing?

Here’s what some of my clients say about working with me.

Working with Minal has shown me that nurturing my email list is invaluable to me. It’s been a steep learning curve, but I now have a consistent format and I really understand what my readers like. This, in turn, has helped me give them the content they love, and make sales. It really has been an eye opener.

Mary Turley, Wonky Wheel

Working with Minal, my emails now receive significantly higher open and click rates, and we have far more engagement with our customers and regular visits to our website from subscribers than we used to.

John Callow, Northern Wine School

If you get the chance to be coached by Minal, go for it – you won’t regret it. You’ll have lots of “aha” moments. It’s definitely worth doing because Minal doesn’t give her clients a cookie cutter approach. She knows everyone works differently and their goals are different, so her approach is tailored to the people she works with.

Bhavini Lakhani, B81 Designs

Ready to make email marketing work for your business?

Let’s spend 30 minutes finding out if we’re right for each other. Pick a date and time that works for you!