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You’ve been using all the small business marketing tips you can find, but when was the last time you thought “That customer came from my marketing efforts?” You spend precious time and money on marketing your business; you want to know that it’s helping your business to find new customers. If that’s not happening for you, why not work with me? As your marketing mentor, I’ll guide you through how to get results with your marketing from day one!

Power Hour

Small business marketing tipsIf you want to test drive my mentoring, book a Power Hour. Whilst I won’t be able to solve all your challenges, I’ll give you some quick wins. At only £115, it’s a sound investment in your business. Want to work longer term? Check out my mentoring service!

One-to-one mentoring

Small business marketing tipsAre you struggling to find new customers with your marketing? What if you could save time in learning what works for you?  I’ll help you connect the marketing dots to give your business results. A 12-hour block is only £1460, payable in installments.

“I’ve just spent an hour with Minal and it’s the best hour I’ve ever spent. Thank you Minal, you’ve really helped me to plan my marketing for 2019.”

Rob Walker, Green Robin Solutions