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The 15 small biz experts to start following on Twitter today!

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One of the things I find Twitter useful for is learning from small biz experts. I pick the people I follow carefully because I want to make the most of the time I spend on Twitter. That got me thinking about who I would put in a list of people you should follow. I came up with 15 small biz experts. Now, I couldn’t pick between them, because they all add to my business journey in lots of different ways. So, I had to list them alphabetically, because, in my eyes, they are all the best!

Alison Edgar @aliedgar13

Small Biz ExpertWhat can I say about this lady? She’s the Entrepreneur’s Godmother. If it’s sales tips and training you’re after, Alison’s Twitter profile is where you should be heading. Also, why not ask to join her Facebook Page, it’s a great, thriving small business community.


Bright Yellow Marketing @brightyellw

Small Biz ExpertSara and Chris post lots of useful social media tips on their Twitter account. Based, in Norwich, they also run a monthly social media hub. I know I find it a stretch to keep on top of all social media developments. Give them a follow and they’ll tell you what you need to know.


Carlene Bender @contactusealing

Small Biz ExpertIf you want to understand more about local marketing, you can’t go wrong with giving Carlene a follow. After the riots in Ealing in 2011, Carlene decided that someone had to help small businesses get back on their feet. She decided to be that person. Her efforts have grown into regular tweetchats, meetups, networking and even a business show for all of Ealing’s small businesses.

Dan Martin @dan_martin

Small Biz ExpertDid you know that The Pitch was Dan’s brainchild? Dan started as a journalist, interviewing hundreds of entrepreneurs from Richard Branson to new start-ups. He now works for Enterprise Nation as head of content.


Emma Jones @emmaljones

Small Biz ExpertI’m not even sure where to begin with Emma. She owned her own business and from that started Enterprise Nation to champion small businesses. Emma and her team make it their business to give small businesses all the resources they need to be a success.


Janet Murray @jan_murray

Small Biz ExpertI’m not sure what I’d do without Janet. If I’m after a bit of advice for my own marketing (yes, that does happen) I know that Janet has the answer. But her speciality is PR. She’ll tell you how to get that journalist’s attention. I know it works because I see people post in her Facebook group every day that they made it into the publication they were after.

Kathy Ennis @kathyennis

Small Biz ExpertKathy is a mine of small business information. She’s also one of only 8 trainers on the #SheMeansBusiness Facebook campaign. Whether it’s branding, business planning or marketing tools for your business, give Kathy a follow.


Lenka Koppova @lenkakopp

Small Biz ExpertLenka just gets how social media works. She has practical advice on how to use the different networks to help you meet your defined objectives. She’ll also help you understand how to use social media to for brand awareness and to build your community.


Melonie Dodaro @MelonieDodaro

Small Biz ExpertMelonie is THE LinkedIn expert I follow. She gives lots of practical tips on how to use LinkedIn and writes for some of the best-known blogs, including Social Media Examiner and Social Media Today. She also trains companies on how to effectively use LinkedIn to generate leads.


Michelle Ovens @michovens

Small Biz ExpertI love this lady! She puts so much of herself into promoting and helping small businesses. In case you’re wondering who she is, Michelle is the powerhouse behind Small Business Saturday, Do it Digital and the Small Awards. She and her team work relentlessly year-round to support all things small business.


Sam Bailey @samscbailey

Small Biz ExpertI first met Sam when I hired him to help with social media when I worked at Constant Contact. Now, he’s one of my main go-to digital marketing experts. If you want to know how to run successful Facebook advertising campaigns, or just about anything digital, Sam’s your man!


Susan Solovic @susansolovic

Small Biz ExpertSusan is an all-round small business expert. She’s always got great advice and she writes for lots of small business organisations, including Constant Contact, which is where I first came across her. She’s based in the US, but speaks all over the world.


Todd, Spaghetti Agency @socialmediatodd

Small Biz ExpertI love Todd’s light-hearted twitter account. In fact, all his social networks are fab. But there’s a serious message – how to create an online strategy for your business. He’s the rooting, tootingest social media cowboy in town!


Virtuoso Assistant @virtuosoassist

Small Biz ExpertNicky has made it her business to understand visual marketing. She understands the impact visuals have on marketing, especially for small business. If you want to know how visual marketing can help your business, Nicky’s the woman to tell you.


Warren Knight @warrenknight

Small Biz ExpertAside from being a former Hip Hop dancer, Warren knows about all things digital marketing. I know I have a fair few of them on this list. He’s my go-to person for anything new I’ve heard is happening in social media. Warren makes it his business to keep on top of developments and how they affect small businesses.


I love following all these small business experts on Twitter. They add so much to my knowledge and how I market my business. Add them to your list of people to follow, and chat with them. They’re all lovely!

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