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small business marketing tools

The big, fat list of small business marketing tools your business needs

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How many marketing tools do you know about? You’ve made a list of things to try and that list just keeps getting longer. Yet, you haven’t even made it halfway through that list. You are busy running your business and just don’t have time to figure out the tools that would work for your business.

Now, if you’ve read my blog post about cracking the code to your marketing success, you’ll be wondering why I’ve put together this list without really knowing your business. Well, there are some tools I believe will work for every business. Now, this isn’t just another list for you to work through. It’s a list of tools I’ve used in my first year of business.

Each of the tools I’ve listed in the infographic below has helped me with my marketing. You can start to use them safe in the knowledge that they work. What’s more, each one has a free plan, but the paid plans are really affordable. I know that’s going to make a lot of you happy. But remember, you will need to invest in your marketing, and that means being prepared to pay for marketing tools.

Small business marketing tools

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