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Why summer is a great time to brush up on your learning

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So many people think summer is a bad time to host any kind of event, let alone training. Well, I think summer learning has huge advantages.

Want to know what they are? Read on and I’ll tell you why summer is a great time to brush up on your skills to help your business grow.

I’ve even given you a list of some events that I’ve found in July and August. See if any of them work for you and just book your place!

Summer learning is easier

Well, it is for me. I find that I’m in a much better mood when the sun is shining. I’m less lethargic and my brain is capable of taking more in.

I also find that my ability to retain what I’ve learned increases when the weather is nice. For me, summer has all-round good vibes, and that goes for learning in order to grow my business too!

It’s easier to get to events

Have you noticed how much less traffic there is in the summer? With schools on holiday and most parents opting to take their children away for part of them, the pressure on the roads and public transport networks is lower. (Apart from the tube in London – there’s no respite there!)

What I’m saying is that you spend less time travelling to and from the training, which means you’re not out of your business for as long. Bonus!

Get to your training in better weather

You might have noticed a weather theme here – we are British after all! But really, think about all the times you’ve had to travel and get somewhere on time, in bad weather. Invariably, you’re delayed.

What does that mean? If you’re anything like me, you arrive flustered because you’re late. And learning is the last thing on your mind because you’re focused so much on what you’ve missed.

Of, course, there are some instances in the summer when travelling can be a pain. But generally, it’s better and that makes it easier for you to take in what the trainer is talking about.

Summer learning suits all styles of learning

Do you learn better early in the mornings, or maybe in the evenings? Choosing the summer to do your learning can help you make the most of how you learn.

Think about it. If it’s easier for you to retain information early on in the day, it gets light around 5 am (depending on where you are.) Conversely, if you prefer the evenings, you can still benefit from daylight.

What about outdoor learning? I can’t imagine doing any training courses outdoors in the winter, but the summer months make it possible. You just have more flexibility.

Your customers & customer service don’t suffer

How many times have you been on a training course, only to miss important parts because of a work emergency? We’ve all been there. The people who pay us (our customers) always get bumped to the top of the list.

Now think about how many of those emergencies you have to deal with in the summer. Unless you’re a business that’s focused on the summer market, I bet it decreases quite a bit.

This means you can go on your training course safe in the knowledge that your customers won’t need you as much. And, you won’t miss any of that valuable training!

Summer learning = more doing

Summer learning workshop
A summer workshop I hosted.

Do you go on training courses and get back to your office with great intentions of implementing what you learned? Yes, me too!

It doesn’t happen because you come back to a mountain of things that need to get done. And, again, you prioritise the things that mean you get paid.

But what you’ve learned, if implemented, will usually mean more income for you and your business. That’s why summer is such a great time to learn. You have the bandwidth to go back and put what you learned into practice.

You’re not limited to one summer course

If your business slows down in the summer months, you can invest more in your personal development. Yes, of course, you have to keep things ticking over.

But think about all the times you’ve wanted to do 2, 3 or even more training courses. There’s never enough time, is there?

Well, using your slower summer months wisely, you can fit in that extra learning and give your business every chance to succeed.

If you’re thinking “My business doesn’t slow down over summer”, then check out this blog post about why online learning is so great!

Summer learning means you’re ready for back-to-school

When schools go back, things start to pick up for us all. And if you’re a business that does particularly well in the run-up to Christmas (there, I said it!), then you need to be ready to hit the ground running in September.

Summer learning gets you fired up and ready to meet the autumn and winter months head-on for your business. You’ll be in a better position to make the most of these busier times and you’ll have taken your learning and implemented better processes to help you.

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