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Marketing by Minal Events

Looking for small business events full of marketing tips to help you find your inner marketer? You’ve come to the right place.

Here, you will find a mix of events: my own, those where I am speaking and events from other experts I think are worth attending.

And they aren’t limited to marketing. I’ll add events I think will help you run your business. Bookmark this page to always stay up to date!

Whilst you’re here, don’t forget to visit my blog. There’s a lot of useful information there to help you master your marketing.

Every year, as part of the Norfolk Makers’ Festival, the organisers work with The Forum Trust to present From Craft to Career.

Together, they ask a panel of artists and creative traders to take part in an open discussion about how to build successful enterprises out of the crafts they love.

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In this Lunch and Learn, Matt Dyson, co-founder of Rockit, will explain how to set up your business with eye-catching branding so you can secure the best outcome with crowdfunding. Find out how to prepare your campaign from the pitch deck and video to the financials.

Matt and Nick Webb set up Rockit in 2015, selling a device which rocks babies to sleep in their prams. The Rockit stroller rocker was launched in 2017 and has since sold nearly 400,000 units worldwide. It has won numerous awards including two prestigious Queen’s Awards, the Design Council Spark Award and two Gold Junior Design Awards.

Here, Matt shares his expertise in exporting, crowdfunding, entrepreneurship and marketing and design. Rockit has enjoyed coverage on BBC News and in publications such as Design Week, The Times and Vogue. Rockit continues to develop a range of products to help babies and young children to sleep.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • How to make sure your crowdfunding campaign is on-brand
  • The importance of validating your assumptions when preparing your financials, pitch video and deck
  • Why it’s vital not to neglect small investors – they can make all the difference

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In this free business.connected webinar, learn the secrets to reaching a wider audience and boosting your business through email marketing and social media.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Learn how you can use email marketing to grow your business
  • Get top tips for creating great email marketing content
  • Find out the best social media strategies for attracting and retaining customers


  • 10am: Welcome from host
  • 10.05am: How to succeed at email marketing
  • 10.50am: Break
  • 11am: Leverage your social media to attract and retain customers
  • 11.45am: Event ends

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Learn how to make your website easier for your clients to find in the online jungle

SEO expert, Andy Poulton, will share help & advice for small businesses to boost their understanding of SEO & show you the changes needed to make your website appear higher on web search results.

SEO starts with understanding the words & phrases that your customers are likely to use when they are looking for the services you provide/the products you sell. These words/phrases need to be integrated into your website in the places the search engines like to look.

You’ll learn:

  • Why SEO is vital to every business using the internet
  • How to find out how people are searching for your business online
  • What you need to do to your website to make it easier for clients to find you online
  • How to find out the words that people are using when searching for your business
  • How to write search-optimised content for your website

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Is your marketing working? Can you categorically say it helps you sell your product or service? Susan Bonner, of The British Craft House can! In this edition of The Marketing Mix, Susan will be sharing some of the things she’s done to create marketing promotions that have helped her build and grow her business.

Watch live at 2.00 pm on Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube.

In this free 30-minute Lunch and Learn, Louise Lally, founder of Louise Lally Training Academy, will discuss the key steps to creating a winning sales strategy that increases your revenue.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Learn how to design a successful sales strategy
  • Discover tools that will increase your sales
  • Get top tips for growing your business

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In this free business.connected webinar, learn how to create photo and video content that supports your business marketing.
Key takeaways from this session:  

  • Learn how to take great photos that will sit alongside your professional shots and help support your business marketing
  • Understand why great photos and videos can help your business
  • Top tips for getting started with creating video content


  • 10.00am: Welcome from host
  • 10.05am: Smartphone photography masterclass
  • 10.50am: Break
  • 11.00am: Why video can help your business thrive
  • 11.45am: Event ends

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Register your FREE place at next month’s virtual event – build your social media knowledge and skillset with the help of experienced practitioners and industry advisors.

The event starts at 9am (GMT) and ends at 1.30pm on Thursday 23rd March.

You are welcome to join us for the whole event, or dip in and out according to your schedule. Final timings for each session will be confirmed shortly. The event will be recorded – if you register you will get first access!

Here’s what you can learn:

  • The changing face of social media: latest data and trends to watch, with Luan Wise
  • Customer journey mapping – an interview with Jerry Angrave
  • Unlocking the Secrets of Social Selling, with Tim Hughes
  • Social Media Updates, with Luan Wise and Andy Lambert
  • Social Media Advertising 101, with Janet Bebb
  • Avoiding stagnation and retaining creative freshness on social media, with Chloe Ambrose

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In this free business.connected webinar, learn how to use your website and a customer attraction engine to increase your online sales.

Key takeaways from this session:   

  • Get top tips for increasing current sales and adding other revenue-generating activities to your website
  • Understand what a customer attraction engine is
  • Learn why you need a customer attraction engine for your business


  • 10.00am: Welcome from host
  • 10.05am: How to optimise your website to increase sales, with Gill Wilson
  • 10.50am: Break
  • 11.00am: Boost your customer attraction engine, with James Cooper
  • 11.45am: Event ends

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In this webinar, learn how to set marketing goals, develop your marketing message and attract new customers. Marketing experts Anna Morrish and Minal Patel will give you the insight you need to create or refine your business marketing strategy.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Learn how to develop your marketing message
  • Discover how to reach your target customer
  • Uncover how to measure your marketing activity

Save your place

Struggling to write your newsletter? You’ve got your fingers poised over your keyboard and then… nothing! Well, I have 10 content ideas to spark inspiration for you. I’ll also go through how you can plan your content so you never run out of things to write.

Watch live at 2.00 pm on Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube.

Probably the most overlooked bit of email marketing is automation. Email automation helps you build those email sequences that keep your audience informed, and warm and moves them to buy. What can you put in those sequences? Join me and I’ll give you 6 ideas you can use.

Watch live at 2.00 pm on Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube.

Join Hillingdon residents fortnightly on a Thursday from 8 pm for an hour of chat and updates. We’ll be live on Twitter for the borough’s only Twitter Chat. How do you join?

  • Ensure you have a Twitter account.
  • Every other Thursday between 8 and 9 pm be on Twitter.
  • Search for #HillingdonHour to see conversations happening.
  • Add #HillingdonHour to your Tweets so they can be seen.
  • Tag @HillingdonHour for retweets.

A coworking space for businesswomen to gain support and empowerment because no woman has to build a business alone.

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“I’ve just attended Marketing by Minal’s ‘Mastering email marketing workshop’. It provided a practical introduction to building and implementing your email marketing strategy. It combined knowledge input, demonstrations and the chance to start to build your own approach using worksheets. I’d highly recommend Minal’s workshop to anyone starting their email marketing journey.”

Andrew Deighton