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Looking for small business events full of marketing tips to help you find your inner marketer? You’ve come to the right place.

Here, you will find a mix of events: my own, those where I am speaking and events from other experts I think are worth attending.

And they aren’t limited to marketing. I’ll add events I think will help you run your business. Bookmark this page to always stay up to date!

Whilst you’re here, don’t forget to visit my blog. There’s a lot of useful information there to help you master your marketing.

Digital expert, Niki Hutchinson will offer key insights into how you can create an impactful marketing campaign for your business.

Session takeaways include:

  • What are the benefits of creating an effective marketing campaign
  • What are the key elements you need to include
  • How you can apply your plan to your business

During the workshop, you’ll also have the chance to ask Niki any marketing questions

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In this free 30-minute business.connected webinar, I will offer key insights into how you can create effective email marketing campaigns.

Session takeaways include:

  • What is email marketing
  • How email marketing can be used to grow your business
  • Top tips to create great email marketing copy

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This training is for small business owners who want to understand how to harness social media to build and continually grow their brand. As part of this session, Go and Grow Online adviser Belinda O’Neill will share the importance of networking and building relationships through social engagement and her ethos of create, connect and collaborate.

During this course you will:

  • Discover the platform (s) which are right for your brand and you are comfortable with
  • Understand the ethos of ‘Create, Connect, Collaborate’
  • Receive tips on relationship building and the importance of social engagement

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  • In this free 30-minute business.connected workshop, digital expert Fin Wycherley will offer key insights into how you can create great reels on InstagramSession takeaways include:
  • What are Instagram reels?
  • How to create an Instagram Reel
  • Top tips to create great content for your reels

During the workshop, you’ll also have the chance to ask Fin any social media-related questions.

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This session will cover 3 areas to help boost your sales and ensure your basics are covered from search to your online marketing strategy.

Sales Overall Strategy
Sales & retail expert Catherine Erdly will cover the 4 key things that businesses that are thriving in 2022 are doing:

Catherine will cover:

  • Managing mindset and showing up
  • Addressing the needs of your customers
  • Experimenting and diversifying your income streams & marketing
  • How to create a strategy to retain customers and encourage loyalty

Google & website visibility
Website & Google expert Mark Tomkins will cover the fundamentals to boosting your visibility online:

Mark will cover:

  • Myth busting!
  • Tips to making sure your website works well for the largest audience.
  • Getting your Google My Business profile populated and leveraging its powerful tools.
  • Core Web Vitals – Learn about Google’s Game, Google’s rules
  • Content is king (yes, still) but write for people – there are no shortcuts.

Using Instagram and Social Media
Social media expert Katherine George will share how social media can help you reach new customers, build relationships and grow your sales.

Katherine will cover:

  • An overview of using the different social media platforms for business
  • Reel them in: How to stand out, create thumb-stopping content and generate sales with Instagram’s range of tools
  • Tips and advice to boost sales with Social Media Ads

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Fiona Scott is a journalist, media consultant, videographer and tv producer/director. She has worked in the media for over 30 years including working for ITV, the BBC Comic Relief.

If you are thinking about how you can best approach and engage with the media as a service-based business, this is the Lunch and Learn for you.

Join Fiona who will highlight the main areas that people typically worry about when it comes to PR and what you need to start thinking about for your service-based business.
Key takeaways for this session:

  • Get an insight into how journalists think
  • How to get covered by the media
  • Walk away feeling inspired!

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Natalia Nicholson is a certified digital marketing coach and growth expert for women-led and women-owned companies. Natalia’s understanding of how businesses operate online and advocacy for #diversityandinclusion, means she supports her clients identify opportunities for growth and craft strategies that are tailored to unique needs.

Join this Lunch and Learn with Natalia to discover the importance of building a digital strategy for your business, and learn the 8 steps to creating your own strategy.

Key takeaways for this session:

  • Get guidance in creating a growth plan tailored to your business
  • Learn how to increase leads and revenue through digital strategic and growth-oriented marketing
  • Gain access to expert advice on scaling your business using a methodology that is based on data-driven analysis and human psychology

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In this free 30-minute business.connected workshop, digital expert, Ogo Ogbata will offer key insights into how you can create an e-commerce store

Session takeaways include:

  • Why create an e-commerce store?
  • What are the elements of your business that can make your store unique
  • Top tips to make your e-commerce store profitable

During the workshop, you’ll also have the chance to ask Ogo any e-commerce questions

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Are you an introvert? Are you put off using LinkedIn?
LinkedIn can seem like it’s now for extroverts, but you too can benefit from using it.
If you want to know how, I’ve got just the lady to tell you. Jen Corcoran is an introvert herself and thrives on LinkedIn.
Watch live at 2.00 pm on Facebook or YouTube.

This training is for small business owners who want to build an ongoing trackable digital marketing plan that delivers leads and sales. As part of this session, Go and Grow Online adviser Amanda Webb will share essential steps for your sales process, how to measure results and how to develop your digital marketing strategy.

During this course find out:

  • Where you’re winning with your online marketing strategy.
  • What you can tweak in your sales process to get better ROI.
  • How to decide what digital marketing strategy to work on next (and how to measure your results).

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Are you tired of spending endless hours and money on activities that don’t deliver the results you need? Join this Lunch and Learn with Susana Marambio to learn how you can acquire high-quality leads, and increasing conversion without investing more money and time in your marketing efforts.

Susana Marambio is an international marketing leader with over 20 years of experience creating and implementing strategies to drive growth in multinational companies across Europe in industries like pharmaceutical, technology, distribution and retail.

Key takeaways from this session include: 

  • Clarifying your value proposition
  • Framework to craft effective marketing messages
  • Strategies to attract more customers

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In this free 30-minute business.connected workshop, digital expert, and director at Beacon Business Commercial services Susana Marambio will offer key insights into how you can craft effective marketing messages.

Session takeaways include:

  • Understand the elements to craft effective marketing messages
  • Learn a simple framework to apply to your business
  • Create your own marketing message to start using immediately

During the workshop, you’ll also have the chance to ask Susan any digital marketing questions.

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Are you looking to supercharge your sustainability?

Small Business Britain is offering a free Sustainability Programme to give entrepreneurs the basics they need to supercharge their sustainability planning, reduce their impact on the planet, and turn their sustainability plans into a fantastic commercial advantage.

  • Receive access to the best small business sustainability experts in the UK
  • Join a community of small businesses on the same journey, where you can network and receive support
  • Experts will be on hand each week and help you implement key learnings into your business
  • You’ll receive a digital “badge” to say you completed Sustainability Basics for your business.

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Join this FREE virtual social media event, with insights and knowledge sharing from leading industry practitioners.

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Join Hillingdon residents fortnightly on a Thursday from 8 pm for an hour of chat and updates. We’ll be live on Twitter for the borough’s only Twitter Chat. How do you join?

  • Ensure you have a Twitter account.
  • Every other Thursday between 8 and 9 pm be on Twitter.
  • Search for #HillingdonHour to see conversations happening.
  • Add #HillingdonHour to your Tweets so they can be seen.
  • Tag @HillingdonHour for retweets.

“I’ve just attended Marketing by Minal’s ‘Mastering email marketing workshop’. It provided a practical introduction to building and implementing your email marketing strategy. It combined knowledge input, demonstrations and the chance to start to build your own approach using worksheets. I’d highly recommend Minal’s workshop to anyone starting their email marketing journey.”

Andrew Deighton