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Looking for small business events full of marketing tips to help you find your inner marketer? You’ve come to the right place.

Here, you will find a mix of events: my own, those where I am speaking and events from other experts I think are worth attending.

Looking to take photographs of your products and services to increase attention, interest and sales? Attend this free webinar with photographer Amanda Thomas and learn how to perfect:

  • Lighting for selfies: Getting the right kind of light to enhance your features and show you in the best light.
  • Lighting for video calls: How to position your desk and arrange your lights for the best position to be centre stage.
  • Lighting for services: This covers lighting for talking to the camera, shooting behind-the-scenes, how-tos and demos.
  • Lighting for products: Simple lighting techniques to shoot products for Social media

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Your website is your digital shop front, and the beauty of it being digital is that you can track your digital efforts.

Matt and Susanna will talk you through how to use the free tool Google Analytics to boost your small business efforts, which allows you see how much traffic you’re driving, who your audience is and what you can do to improve your digital presence. The webinar will cover:

  • What is Google Analytics?
  • What it tells you about your website
  • What’s working on your website, what isn’t
  • What to do as a result
  • Advanced: Tracking email and telephone links; Linking to Search Console; Setting up reports

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Jeremy Mason is a TV producer, director of photography and lighting cameraman with over 20 years of UK broadcast experience. He has also been a business owner for over 15 years. Jeremy has been exploring the world of digital marketing over the last three years and how the power of video can be better used for commerce.

In this webinar, Jeremy will share how you can use YouTube to boost business growth.

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Are you missing opportunities with your customers? How do you know? Too often, the focus is on finding new customers when there is significant value in those you already have.

In this webinar, Daniel Plowright will offer practical advice you can implement immediately at little or no cost to:

  • Engage your customers to spend more with you
  • Increase the quality and frequency of referrals
  • Use marketing tools that actually work

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I’ll be live on the Small Business Saturday Facebook Page talking through the 7 things you need to consider when designing your email for email marketing.

Join me at 9.00 am!

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Do you obsess about your open and click rates when it comes to email marketing? You’re not the only one.

But, there are other metrics you could be using to check up on your success.

Join me at 2.00 pm live on Facebook or YouTube to learn what they are!

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I’ve heard it time and again. “I don’t have time to do email marketing.” But, email marketing is a proven way for you to find new and repeat business. In fact, for every £1 spent on email marketing, there’s an average of £35.41 return. *

So, how can you make email marketing part and parcel of your marketing toolkit? Join me for this workshop and I’ll show you that email marketing isn’t as complicated as you think.

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Morning social media clinic with accredited #SheMeansBusiness trainer Lucy Hall.

In this free 60 minute morning clinic, your expert trainer Lucy will be on hand to answer your social media questions and run through ideas with you on how best to utilise Facebook and Facebook family of apps for your business.

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Remote or hybrid working is going to be with us for some time yet. In fact, for some businesses, it will be the permanent way of working.

This brings new and different challenges for team managers and leaders.

How do you lead your people through the lens of your webcam on Zoom, MS Teams or your other platform of choice?

This masterclass will cover

  • Engaging and communicating with remote team members
  • Managing remote meetings effectively
  • Building remote teams

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Want to know what will make a journalist feature your business? This event, from Enterprise Nation, features four journalists, who will tell you exactly what it takes to make the cut!

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Join Hillingdon residents every Thursday from 8 pm for an hour of chat and updates. We’ll be live on Twitter for the borough’s only Twitter Chat. How do you join?

  • Ensure you have a Twitter account.
  • Every Thursday between 8 and 9 pm be on Twitter.
  • Search for #HillingdonHour to see conversations happening.
  • Add #HillingdonHour to your Tweets so they can be seen.
  • Tag @HillingdonHour for retweets.

“I’ve just attended Marketing by Minal’s ‘Mastering email marketing workshop’. It provided a practical introduction to building and implementing your email marketing strategy. It combined knowledge input, demonstrations and the chance to start to build your own approach using worksheets. I’d highly recommend Minal’s workshop to anyone starting their email marketing journey.”

Andrew Deighton