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Want to dive into email marketing? You’re in the right place! Look, as a small business owner, having that genuine connection with your customers is essential, and there’s no better way than emails.

It’s a bit nerve-wracking though. You need to learn a new skill and you’re not sure whether you have time to do that. That’s why I’ve pulled together these resources – to take the worry away from you and help you make sound choices.

I’ve got a mix of things to help you. From courses to hands-on workbooks to my go-to email service providers and quick tips to help you. So, get scrolling to find the golden nugget to help you get started!

Start your email marketing journey

If you need extra help with email marketing, this section is for you. Here’s where you can access my knowledge for a price that will fit your budget.

  1. Small Business Email Marketing – this is a self-paced online course. It will take you from never having created an email (because you’re too nervous) to putting together and sending out your first one.
  2. Email Marketing Planner – if you’re OK with creating an email but want to get serious with your email marketing, then this planner is perfect to help you. There are beginner techniques, right through to some more advanced stuff. Best of all, the planner is reusable, so sharpen those pencils!
  3. Email Newsletter Topics – you’re busy and time to be creative is tight. That’s where this service comes in handy. I’ll research your industry and give you 36 newsletter topics you can mix and match. If you send monthly, that’s a year’s worth of email content.

Which one will you try?

Email Newsletter Topics, topics for email newsletters, what to write in email newsletters

Email Marketing Planner, email marketing for small businesses, email marketing tips

Email Marketing Planner, email marketing for small businesses, email marketing tips

Email Service Providers

When it’s you that has to create the email newsletters, you need a tool that you can find your way around. The three below are the ones that most small business owners choose. I do recommend paying for an email service provider. The free versions are limited in one way or another. That said, if free is all you can afford right now, that’s OK. My advice is to try all three and choose the one you find easiest to use. Changing at a later date is always possible, but will come with some headaches.

Constant Contact Email Service Provider, small business

Mailchimp Email Service Provider, small business

Mailerlite Email Service Provider, small business

Resources to help you

I’ve picked 5 resources I know will help you with email marketing. Click on any (or all) of the images to receive your chosen resource by email.

Email Marketing Cheat Sheet, small business email marketing email marketing tips

Email List Growth, email subscribers, grow email list, add subscribers

Email Planner, Email planning, what to write in email newsletter

Email Subject Lines, write subject line, how to write email subject line, email subject line tips

Email Automation, email flow, email sequence, email autoresponder, automation tips, email automation tips