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Small Business Email Marketing Course

Marketing by Minal Small Business Email Marketing Course

Stop Procrastinating and Launch Your Newsletter Today!

You know you need a newsletter. But let’s face it, you’ve spent more time watching how-to videos than actually taking action. Sounds familiar?

Here’s the thing: While you’re busy DIY-ing, you could be doing more profitable things. Like launching new products or increasing your sales. So why waste time when you can get all the email know-how you need in one place?

๐ŸŒŸ Introducing: My Small Business Email Marketing Course ๐ŸŒŸ

This course is your fast track to launching not just one, but a series of newsletters that people actually read. No fluff. No jargon. Just bite-sized lessons with actionable tasks to keep you on track.

Finish in 12 Days, Start Sending Emails Right Away!

  • Get the Right Email Tool: Stop guessing and find a tool that fits your needs.
  • One-Page Strategy: Plan your entire email game on one simple page.
  • Yearly Content in One Go: Yep, you read that right. Plan a yearโ€™s worth of emails in a single session.
  • 15-Minute Template: Create gorgeous emails quickly and easily.
  • Grow Your List: Find the people who not only want your emails but also want to buy from you.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Why Email? Real Talk.

Email marketing isn’t just trendy; it’s a money-maker. Build brand buzz, get repeat customers, and drive traffic to your site. Got an email list? You’ve got a direct line to your market.

Epic ROI Alert: According to the Data and Marketing Association, every ยฃ1 spent on email marketing yields an average return of ยฃ35.41. Yes, it’s that good.

What are people saying?

Your course got me from zero to newsletter hero in no time. It would’ve taken me years to figure this out on my own

Matt Wareham, Depictar

The course is a game-changer. It makes email marketing so easy, I’m actually excited about it now!

Louise Ryan, Gary Ryan Music

I’ve planned a year’s worth of emails, and it didn’t even feel like work. Your step-by-step method is a lifesaver!

Naina Clayton, Sandwoman Business Support

Ready to Dive In?

Money’s tight; I get it. If you’re keen but cash-strapped, let’s chat. We can sort out a payment plan.