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Guest blogging – why it’s so powerful and how to do it right

Michelle Collins, Pink Spaghetti

Minal meets… Michelle Collins, Pink Spaghetti

Something that is a challenge for all small business owners is organising their time effectively. That’s why I decided to speak to Michelle Collins of Pink Spaghetti. As well as running her own business, Michelle and her team look after a variety of small businesses. So, who better to talk through time organisation tips and […]

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Presentation tips from Ideas on Stage

Minal meets… Andrea Pacini, Ideas on Stage

Does the idea of presenting make you run for the hills? For every small business owner, being able to present their ideas, products or services and their business is a must. That’s why I decided to interview Andrea Pacini of Ideas on Stage and get his top presentation tips. I attended one of his presentations […]

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