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Leisa Pickles, Find me the Leads

Minal meets Leisa Pickles, Find Me The Leads

Something that’s really important for any business is to find leads. Leads are potential customers for your business. Sometimes, your potential customers find you by themselves. But it’s important for you to go and proactively look for them. Someone who does that really well on behalf of her clients is Leisa Pickles from Find me […]

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Yvonne Gorman, Essential Print Services, Small Business Saturday SmallBiz100

Minal meets Yvonne Gorman, Essential Print

There’s one date on the small business calendar that I really look forward to every year. That’s Small Business Saturday! I wanted you to feel as excited about it as I do because it’s such a huge opportunity for all small business owners. But, rather than tell you why myself, I called on one of […]

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Michelle Collins, Pink Spaghetti

Minal meets… Michelle Collins, Pink Spaghetti

Something that is a challenge for all small business owners is organising their time effectively. That’s why I decided to speak to Michelle Collins of Pink Spaghetti. As well as running her own business, Michelle and her team look after a variety of small businesses. So, who better to talk through time organisation tips and […]

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