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The Power of Fonts

The Power of Fonts: Unleashing Visual Impact

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Have you sat down and thought about fonts? I have to say that I love fonts, but not as much as my guest on this Marketing Mix. Angela Lyons of Lyons Creative is a self-confessed font nerd.

In this episode, we talked about why choosing fonts wisely matters, how you can pick the right ones for your business and a lot more. We had a bit of a giggle too.

If you’re pressed for time, scroll down for the show notes.

Show Notes


Minal and Angela dive into a riveting discussion about design elements, with a specific focus on fonts and branding. From the impact of typeface to the importance of colour in branding, this chat covers it all.

The Importance of Typeface

  • Angela starts by mentioning how fonts like Courier evoke nostalgia, while Minal expresses her liking for the Arial font for its readability.
  • Angela mentions her own branding choices for social media slides, explaining her fondness for Playfair and Lato fonts.

Expert Tip:

  • If you’re choosing a font pairing for your brand, Angela stresses that understanding the story behind the business is crucial for making the right choice.

The Role of Accessibility in Design

  • Both speakers touch on the relevance of Comic Sans for dyslexic people and school children, despite its bad reputation.
  • Angela also mentions a designer, Jamie, who has created fonts that have been beneficial for school textbooks.

Expert Tip:

  • Angela emphasises that when choosing a font, it’s essential to consider its readability for various audiences, including those with dyslexia.

Consistency in Brand Colours

  • Minal shares her journey in standardising her brand colours, talking about the significance of purple and green in her branding.
  • Angela stresses that consistent use of colour helps people to recognise and remember a brand.

Expert Tip:

  • Minal has a set document that specifies which colours to use for different content, from testimonials to inspirational quotes.

Wrapping Up

Minal plugs in Angela’s LinkedIn profile and her Font Love Friday newsletter, encouraging the audience to connect for more insights on fonts and design.

Minal also talks about her own email list, The Marketing Morsel, which offers access to a private Facebook group, member-only webinars, and more.

Upcoming Episode

A sneak peek into the next episode featuring Liesel Bockl, who will discuss food photography, especially relevant for the Christmas season.

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